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   ​We provide expert high $$$ consulting, priced for a Startup budget.​​

  Because we know you need more help than you have $$$

Each week, we accept a limited #
of motivated startup founders at these reduced prices
Make sure you are one of them.




We guide you
to what needs to be accomplished to keep
moving you forward.
We guide you,
review your efforts,
and make suggestions
making you better.
We work with you
or on our own
to solve issues,
keeping you accountable.

For two 20 min. Sessions
​Must be completed within 10 business  days.

$39.95 per hour
​3 hour minimum

Each Problem/Solution bid separately


Business Planning
Creating the legal entity
Picking Legal and Accounting Services
Advisory Board
Partnership (Plan for the Divorce)
Employment Agreements
Compensation Structures
Policies and Procedures
IP Strategies
          Domestic and International
Business Plans
Identifying Problem/Solution
     Comprehensive in-depth Plan 
     Lean Startup Plan
     Pitch Deck (verbal or email
Competive Analysis
Business Model
Financial Analysis
Financial Projections
Cap Tables
Accounting/Bookkeeping  setup
Sales Teams
Structure and Compensation
Customer Service
Customer Profile
Customer experience
Customer journey
Market Segmentation
Marketing Plans/Budgets
Go to Market Strategies
     Use of Website
     Email Campaigns
     Trade Shows
     Social Media
     Search (Organic or Paid)
Development team Strategies
Technical needs analysis of project
Technical team make up.
MVP Strategies
If you didn't see what you need, please just ask. 

If you are not sure what you need or don't know how to approach it, please just ask.

Please also refer to our FAQ's which are there to assist you in identifying what your needs are.
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